Welcome to the Sins

The leaders in the community are each assigned to one of the seven sins, these are our group leaders and each have their own role in the community. They also lead their respective groups and you may choose which group you wish to join. Please treat eachother with respect and refrain from insults unless made in jest and the other member knows your intentions. We promote a safe environment where everyone may have fun and enjoy eachothers company. Remember people game in order to escape from reality, this means we are all here to actually have fun for once. Many of us don't enjoy the real world and so we come here to enjoy life through our friends online, we would love for you to enjoy your time here as well so please promote a friendly environment where everyone is able to have fun and enjoy themselves. We may be the seven deadly sins but this is because we suffer through these sins, and we choose to accept that fact and embrace it by doing our best to make up for the sins we have committed.